Balloon vascular catheters for arterial embolectomy

Balloon vascular catheters for arterial embolectomy

Embolectomy catheters

The embolectomy catheters is indicated to removal of fresh, soft emboli from the peripheral arterial system.

Embolectomy catheters, single and double lumen available in size 2F to 8F, and 80 cm, 60 or 40 cm long for somes sizes.
Double lumen catheter can be used to make the emboli visible with radiography by first inflating the balloon and then injecting radiopaque product through the distal orifice.

Occlusion catheter

The occlusion catheter is indicated to temporarily occlude a blood vessel without using a clamp. The balloon conforms to the interior wall of the vessel, previding temporary occlusion with minimal damages vessel wall.

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